Reallusion’s 3D Movie Making Software at the Silicon Valley Film Festival




Reallusion – the makers of the premier mainstream 3D movie making software – iClone – has graciously provided the Silicon Valley Film Festival award winners with copies of its upcoming iClone 5 3D Movie Making software. Additional copies of the software will also be raffled off to festival attendees. iClone  combines real-time filmmaking & video production inside one powerful engine. The result is a streamlined production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation, video compositing and 3D stereo creation. So whether you are a micro-budget film maker, a pre-visualization or motion graphics artist,  iClone has a little something for you

iClone 5 is a major upgrade to iClone with the following new features and capabilities:

  • Digital Actors
    • Replicate real-life with photo-to-3D actor creation
    • Design & direct 3D characters ready-rigged for body & facial animation
    • Multiple character styles for human and non-human varities
  • Motion Puppet
    • Audition and record body motion with innovative actor puppeteering.
    • Blend MixMoves mocap library motions to create seamless transitions from motion to motion.
    • Animate on-the-fly with real-time Microsoft Kinect motion capture
  • 3D Video Compositing
    • Drag & drop video into scenes as video wall props or video texture for 3D objects.
    • Create Virtural studios for greenscreen work with real actors
    • Export animation for use in post-production with 32-bit alpha channel support.
  • Production & Previz
    • Complete solution for real-time animation production
    • Physics engine for interactive action
    • Ambient Occlusion, Visual Effects & HDR
    • Just-in-time animation for studios and on-air production
    • Real-time creativity for Previzualization of live-action with animation
    • Web, HD video & 3D Stereoscopic rendering
  • 3D Content Marketplace
    • Largest online catalog of real-time ready assets
    • Download and demo content to try before you buy
    • Buy, sell & share content
  • IC4 PRO Brochure
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