SVFF 2010 Movies List

Film_Title Category Runtime First Name Surname
Adventures in Speed Dating Short Film 11:30 Aarin Inouye
Apples In My Hands Music Video 3:45 Matthew Galvin
Banana Girls Short Film 10:00 John Du
BOOM Short Documentary 9:24 John Entenmann
CHOICES Short Film 5:00 Namit Kumar
Cured Short Film 9:01 Ferdinand Casido
Dear Devils Short Documentary 25:44:00 Claire Rietmann-Grout
Erase Love Short Film 11:55 Javier ideami
For Every Action Short Film 4:00 Kyle Dollahite
Heart and Soul Short Film 6:43 Van Hsieh
Honor Short Film 6:34 Jeremy Pommier
Itinerary Short Film 4:56 Ferguson Sauve-Rogan
KOSHER PIG Short Film 20:27 Moon Cho
Kuna Ni Nanang Short Documentary 4:50 Jessica Sison
Let Me In Music Video 3:08 Matthew Schutt
Liam & Ben Short Film 13:31 William Casey
Loose Change Short Film 4:28 Ferguson Sauve-Rogan
Love you… Love you not Short Film 6:37 Jose Arosemena
Million Dollar Dirt Short Documentary 18:30 Craig vonWaaden
Nerds Collide Short Film 12:40 Daniel Hale
On the Rise Animated Short 4:23 John Tupper
Phishing Short Film 8:40 Michael Wood
Pintauro Road Short Film 12:18 Kevin Sonnichsen
Pocket of Heaven Music Video 3:19 Michelle Muldoon
Quality Time Short Film 8:31 James Redford
Renouncing Angelica Short Film 19:58 Temi Ojo
SIS Short Film 11:00 Deborah Haywood
Skorna Short Film 4:50 Mattias Thernström Florin
Sneeze Me Away Animated Short 13:21 Ryan Grobins
Still Life Short Film 12:06 Victoria Johnson
THE DANCERS AND THE DRUM: A Rock Odyssey Music Video 6:50 August Bullock
The Girl in the Grass Short Film 9:05 David Moutray
The Last Supper Short Film 6:16 Mara Lesemann
The Me You See Music Video 5:44 Jimmy Sammarco
The Rookie Short Film 6:20 david borja
The Tracks Short Film 5:37 Kyle Dollahite
The Visitor Animated Short 3:52 David Azer
Until We Meet Again… Building a School in Tanzania Short Documentary 30:00:00 Peggy Seltz
Vitruvius’ Toybox Music Video 6:03 Dennis Iannuzzi
Who’s Next Music Video 2:00 John Entenmann


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