SVFF 2014 (Tomorrow) Aug 31 is last date to submit your movies and Festival starts Nov. 7th

Submission Deadline: One Deadline: August 31st, 2014 .

Dear Filmmakers!

I’m Clara Smith , Marketing Director for Silicon Valley Film Festival.
We are happy to announce the dates for our 5th anniversary this year SVFF2014 starting from Nov. 7th in Silicon Valley!. As we grow every year our guests list also growing  including our city Mayors, chief judge Hollywood Cameraman Alex buono and this year we partner with US-China Movie and Television Association and hosting group of mainstream directors and producers from China and screening their movies as well.

 I Hope you might have joined our previous years’ festivals or our team might have come across the movie you have made .  We’d like to invite you to welcome and submit for Silicon Valley Film Festival 2014. Pl. find the details below. Wish you great success in Film making!

Clara Smith
Silicon Valley Film Festival – Marketing

Browse the invitation online…

The 5th annual
5th anniversary Silicon Valley Film Festival 2014 Starting from November 7th, Friday

5th anniversary Silicon Valley Film Festival
Starting from November 7th, Friday

Silicon Valley Film Festival 2014
 California, USA

New at SVFF 2014!!
New Awards: ‘NARRATIVE FEATURE’, ‘COMMERCIAL AD SPOT’, AS WELL AS “BEST ACTOR”, “ACTRESS”, “DIRECTOR”, “EDITOR”, AND “CINEMATOGRAPHY”. ‘SVFF Jury’s HONORABLE MENTION’ of ‘TOP 3 MOVIES’ in every category. More new categories – lots of chances to be recognized and honored by the people from the World’s technology paradise – Silicon Valley at SVFF 2014.

Dear Filmmakers,

We are happy to announce our 5th annual Silicon Valley Film Festival – 2014, celebrating Silicon Valley Innovations in Digital Cinema around the world – now accepting submissions in more than 7 categories. We are happy to personally invite you to submit your incredible Films for SVFF and join us at SVFF 2014.

Film Submission Deadlines:

  • One Deadline: August 31, 2014.
  • One flat fee:
  • $20 for Short Films (Less than 30 minutes)
  • $30 for Feature Films (Over 30 minutes)


  • Narrative Features, Commercial ad, and Best Actor, Actress, Director, Editor, Cinematography


  • Best Vision of the Future,
  • Best Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Best Green Earth.


  • Movie Screenings – Top selection of movies from around the world and from Silicon Valley Moviemakers.
  • Pitching & Film Fund Raising
  • World Premieres of feature Films
  • Award Ceremony, Green Carpet Reception, performances, VIPs, Panels and more.
With the vision for ‘Tomorrow’s World’, Silicon Valley truly is the birth place of Digital Film Making and Digital Media including the top A companies (Adobe, Apple, Avid, Auto Desk). In the heart of Silicon Valley, the Hi-Tech community is celebrating the Spirit of Silicon Valley the Power of Imagination by promoting Digital Cinema and giving international movie makers a venue to showcase their creativity, find funding and meet with fellow filmmakers, Media Companies, Producers and Distributors at Silicon Valley Film Festival.
Silicon Valley Awards
Honoring world digital filmmakers with our esteemed Silicon Valley Awards every year.
Awards include best of the following categories: Feature and Short in Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Music, Commercial Ad Spot, Green Earth, Vision of the Future, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and best Actor, Actress, Director, Editor, Cinematography.
All Awards are selected by our Chief Judges except Audience choice award. Visit our past ‘SVFF Hall of Fame’ page at
SVFF Inviting International Judges:
Do you have a favorite filmmaker whom you want to be part of SVFF Judges, send us their contact info. at, we will be glad to talk to them.
Submit online
Our programming team eagerly inviting you to submit your great work for Silicon Valley Film Festival to take it to the rest of the world. Please submit online.
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About Silicon Valley Innovation Festival

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival is a landmark event for Silicon Valley and a world premier event for Hi-Tech Industry. The Festival mission is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley : Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the rest of the World. A week long annual Festival hosts a Silicon Valley Conference - Innovating the Future, SV Innovation Expo, Silicon Valley Awards and Silicon Valley Film Festival - Celebrating Innovation in Digital Media. Please visit the websites for more information.
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