Silicon Valley Film Festival 2013 Special Innovation Awards

We are happy to announce Silicon Valley’s Special Innovative Movie Awards for SVFF 2013.


The best movies are,

Best Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award :

Yemeniettes 2013-12-10-620

Three Yemeni teenage girls enter an entrepreneurship competition but along the way encounter the hardships of a country marked by a broken educational system, joblessness and a threatening Al-Qaeda presence. 

Best Green Earth Award:

MARUDHAMENGAE(where is fertile land?)


The film “MARUDHAMENGE”(where is fertile land?) narrating the issues of globalization. India is a developing nation. Agriculture is a backbone of our country 80% of Indian economy is depend up on agriculture. But now a days society forgetting the importance of it due to globalization science and technological improvement. Whet ever may be changed in this world but only thing which never change is stomach and hunger given by it.
It is sure that one day this society will suffer due to the scarcity of food. People should have awareness about it government should take important about it. This film narrating the facts about it . the character which are in this film are not professional artist they are simply farmers, student as per there casting there profession  is so  like French neo-realism concepts.
Marudhamengae is based on the three generations of an agriculture family. Maadaswamy is son of chinnakannu who is under debt and was forced to sell his fertile land to a construction corp by a financier ranganathan who working as a mediator for selling land. and they offering a employment on family’s who lending those fertile land to them. Maadasamy’s family loosed there fertile land because of unable to repay their debt. Days passed maadasamy working as a labor in his own land to full fill his needs & to educate his son.  muthu is a grandson of chinnakannu son of maadaswamy has a lot of love & affection with his grandfather. He took a desire among his carrier to being as a former he studied agriculture. As per the last wish of his grandfather before his death. And the story ends with a note of what would happen to society if these situation continuous.

Best Vision of the Future Award:


Wafaa, Maha and Reem are determined to better their lot in life and show a side of Yemen that is innovative and hopeful. The girls dream of one day opening the first factory in Yemen to manufacture solar panels, generating an alternative energy source for a country faced with frequent power outages. Some Yemenis cannot afford electricity, while others live in villages left off the grid.

With the support of their families, they enlist their start-up company, Creative Generation, in a national entrepreneurship competition. They win, qualifying them to compete regionally in Qatar against teams from twelve other Arab countries. But their celebration is overshadowed by news of a rocket hitting Reem’s home, reminding them vividly of the problems their country faces every day.

The three girls travel to Qatar, leaving their families and homes for the first time but more determined than ever. Their innovation and confidence impress the judges, and they return home champions.

Winning catapults them into stardom, and for a week they are the pride and glory of their nation. But they are quickly forgotten, and their hopes for the future begin to fade they keep hitting the glass ceiling. Disheartened by the economic and political conditions in Yemen, they focus on their responsibilities as sisters, daughters and wives.

Their dreams are renewed when a company believes in the potential of the “yemeniettes” and invests in the project, turning their vision into a reality.


About Silicon Valley Innovation Festival

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival is a landmark event for Silicon Valley and a world premier event for Hi-Tech Industry. The Festival mission is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley : Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the rest of the World. A week long annual Festival hosts a Silicon Valley Conference - Innovating the Future, SV Innovation Expo, Silicon Valley Awards and Silicon Valley Film Festival - Celebrating Innovation in Digital Media. Please visit the websites for more information.
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