One more SVFF Screening (Uprising, Crocodile in the Yangtze, Traveling Salesman) at Milpitas Library Auditorium of Silicon Valley Film Festival Award Winning movies. Feature length films to be screened on 11/11 Sunday at 1.15PM

Hello  Techies and Movie guys !
Crocodile in the Yangtze : The amazing story of Jack Ma building vs Ebay – A must see for every tech entrepreneur to reenergize their spirit and belief, this is not another ‘Social Network’. 
Uprising : The Facebook revolution that changed a whole Country of Egypt – A must see what Social Network is really worth for.
Traveling Salesman: An algorithm that could solve by itself , exist?) and more for the Innovators to Celebrate together as an amazing  community of Silicon Valley.  There were about 10 scientists came just to watch this amazing movie and all the audience called this best movie.

Traveling Salesman – Quest about algorithm

Did you miss the main film screenings at Silicon Valley Film Festival 2012. No worries. Great chance to watch 5 of the Award Winning movies.

Here is one more Screening at Milpitas Library Auditorium of* Silicon Valley  Award Winning movies. 3 Feature length films to be screened on 11/11 Sunday at 1.15PM

Venue:Milpitas Library Auditorium. 160 North Main Street • Milpitas, California • 95035 • 408.262.1171
Date: 11/11/2012 Sunday
Start Time: 1.15PM
End Time : 5.30PM
$10 at venue. (Free if you have SVFF ALL SHOW PASS)


True Power
Best Commercial ad spot
Best Feature Documentary
Crocodile in the Yangtze
Best Film of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
A House, A Home
Best Music Video
Travelling Salesman
3 Sweeping Awards
Best Future Narrative, Best Editing, Best Actor

Silicon Valley Film Festival,


About Silicon Valley Innovation Festival

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival is a landmark event for Silicon Valley and a world premier event for Hi-Tech Industry. The Festival mission is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley : Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the rest of the World. A week long annual Festival hosts a Silicon Valley Conference - Innovating the Future, SV Innovation Expo, Silicon Valley Awards and Silicon Valley Film Festival - Celebrating Innovation in Digital Media. Please visit the websites for more information.
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