Welcome our Chief Judge Alexander Buono, Director / DP SNL, Oscar nominated short film producer

Join us to welcome Alexander Buono , our Chief Judge for the Silicon Valley Film Festival 2011 Best Film contest. You can find a lot about Alex in IMDB and all over internet.

But we are  so excited about  his early adoption and experimentation of digital filmmaking. Alex is a big time evangelist for Canon 5D  and 7D  cameras that opened a whole new world for the aspiring filmmakers. Look forward for his speech about the quality and tips in digital filmmaking.

Brief Bio of Alex:

Alexander Buono Bio (2011)
Producer / Director of Photography
Born in Portland, Oregon, Alex moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to attend the
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, majoring in film
production and still photography. His early post-collegiate years were spent on the
camera crews of studio films including Twister, Conspiracy Theory, and
Armageddon, learning from top ASC cinematographers and personal mentors
including Conrad Hall, Don Burgess, Dean Cundey, and John Schwartzman. Soon
after, Alex became a full-time cinematographer of indie films, music videos, and as
the Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit. In 2003, Alex
received an Oscar Nomination for the short film Johnny Flynton, which he
photographed and also produced. Alex repeated the dual role of cinematographer
and co-producer on Green Street Hooligans, about London’s football-gang
subculture starring Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam, which won both the Grand
Jury Prize and Audience Award at the 2005 South By Southwest Film Festival. He
was also the cinematographer of Shanghai Kiss, which he shot in Shanghai with an
all-Chinese crew. Following, Alex wrote, produced and shot the documentary
feature Bigger Stronger Faster*, which premiered in competition at the 2008
Sundance Film Festival and was distributed theatrically by Magnolia Pictures. In
2009, Alex’s 10th season with Saturday Night Live marked his first experimentation
with the new HDSLR format, shooting the show’s title sequence and most of the
season’s commercial parodies with Canon’s 5Dm2 and 7D cameras, earning him
sponsorship with both CanonUSA and Lexar Media. Most recently, Alex continued
his experimentation with Canon DSLRs as the 2nd Unit director/DP for the new
ABC drama series Detroit 187. Alex is a member of the International
Cinematographer’s Guild, the International Documentary Association and the
Writer’s Guild of America. Alex lives in Venice, California where he continues to
write, produce, and shoot for his production company, Third Person, and is
represented by Hyphen Management.


About Silicon Valley Innovation Festival

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival is a landmark event for Silicon Valley and a world premier event for Hi-Tech Industry. The Festival mission is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley : Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the rest of the World. A week long annual Festival hosts a Silicon Valley Conference - Innovating the Future, SV Innovation Expo, Silicon Valley Awards and Silicon Valley Film Festival - Celebrating Innovation in Digital Media. Please visit the websites for more information. www.svfilmfestival.org www.svconference.com
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