Wonderful movies for this year at SVFF ! How much creativity!

We were just pre screening some of the movies submitted for Silicon Valley Film Festival 2011. Its really amazing. First of all we should thank for all the filmmakers that considered SVFF as a valuable place to submit their films. Some filmmakers who submitted last year also returned this year.  Some filmmakers made great reference of this festival. Its overwhelming to see all the supports from the filmmakers.

We really are surprised to see the quality of these movies this year, amazing!. Who are these people?  What do they want? Appreciation? How much creativity! How to make use of all this creativity ?   How to bring them out to limelight? Some are hobbyists where as some are professionals.

The World is made by creative minds. The world needs more of these creativeness. They are priceless. We all should be appreciating and encouraging these people when ever we meet them, that is the most we will be doing all of SVFF.

We are thinking of setting up a ‘Filmmakers Fund Raising’ program at SVFF – Where filmmakers pitch their ideas and the movie lovers and Silicon Valley geeks can support them with your little hobby money, or even with coffee money!  With the digital cinema and filmmakers group like ‘www.moviemakersunite.com’, you can even produce a great movie just with your hobby money!  Try out.  More info about ‘Filmmakers Fund Raising’ at SVFF will be announced soon.


About Silicon Valley Innovation Festival

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival is a landmark event for Silicon Valley and a world premier event for Hi-Tech Industry. The Festival mission is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley : Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the rest of the World. A week long annual Festival hosts a Silicon Valley Conference - Innovating the Future, SV Innovation Expo, Silicon Valley Awards and Silicon Valley Film Festival - Celebrating Innovation in Digital Media. Please visit the websites for more information. www.svfilmfestival.org www.svconference.com
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