The 2011 Silicon Valley Film Festival Announces 8 Award Categories

The 2011 Silicon valley Film Festival will be honoring a number of films that is deemed worthy in the following categories

Best Vision of the Future – imagine what tomorrow holds, what technological, economic or social trends are occurring now that when projected into the future, impacts how we live. This category looks  at the filmmaker’s take on what the future holds.

Best Innovation and Entrepreneurship looks at films that are not only creatively made in the most ingenious ways using the latest innovations but also those that emphasize, inspire, and promote initiative, innovation & the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Best Green Earth – with signs of climate change all around us, this category looks at films that touches on preserving the balance of nature, reducing one’s carbon footprint, or articulates what nature is telling us

Best Short Film – tell your story in 30 minutes or less through visualization of thoughts/ideas and narratives

Best Documentary – takes a look at films that describe, capture or create a factual record of a specific subject

Best Music Video – this category looks at film that speaks to the audience via a combination of sights and sounds, a film that visually interprets the musical piece

Best Animation – this looks at animated film – from the traditional 2D format, to 3D CGI, stop motion or the emerging art from citizen directors creating machinima

Best of the Festival – the film that the festival audience deem is ‘best’ for delivering an emotional and /or intellectual impact that is compelling, moving, thought provoking and satisfying

Again it is not too late to submit your films now through September 5th

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