Why Silicon Valley?

More than just chips…

 Silicon Valley, nestled between the hills separating California’s breadbasket and the hills blocking the view of the Pacific Ocean, continues to be the nexus for high tech innovation and development. It attracts not only the top technological minds from around the globe but also accounts for a good portion of venture capital investments in the United States. It is the home of many of the titans in technology including Intel, Apple, Cisco. It boasts an economy that rivals many countries let alone the region. This leads to a tech savvy citizenry steeped in creativity and full of ideas. Silicon Valley was the birthplace of many technologies that have fundamentally changed the lives of people around the globe and continues to push the envelope of what’s possible, shaping the Vision of Tomorrow.


The advent of video hosting sites such as Silicon Valley based YouTube, resulted in an explosion of user created content. From a single animator making his machinima movie at home to an indie filmmaker shooting his movie with a DSLR, the technology now available for digital film making has enabled the common man to tell his story. Digital film making and digital media can trace its roots in the valley as well, and in the world of digital filmmaking, Silicon Valley is the home of Adobe, Pixar, Netflix and is a short drive away from ILM. All of these permeate the mind set of the valley citizens, nurturing the spirit of creativity and continuing to propel advances in digital filmaking.

Are you in?

So it is only fitting that Silicon Valley also be the home of the premier showcase for digital filmmaking – whether a big studio or the ‘citizen director’, we invite you to join us in celebrating this spirit of creativity and help us incubate the world of filmmakers with our Silicon Valley Film Festival.

 More details will emerge shortly so stay tuned….

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